Laboratory Design is the information resource for lab design, engineering and construction. Here are our Contributor Guidelines for submitting articles for the digital publication or website.

Contributed Feature Articles

Laboratory Design is always looking for good story ideas and articles and we welcome outside contributions. These contributed articles may be published in the weekly e-newsletter, online, or both.

Contributed articles should emphasize technical design, engineering and construction applications, and can be written from either a designer/engineer/consultant/construction or user’s point of view. Laboratory Design accepts articles from lab designers/planners, architects, engineers, consultants, end users, vendors and those in the construction field.

Articles should be engaging, technically rigorous and professionally useful through concise, crisp writing, and helpful, eye-catching graphics. All articles are reviewed and edited by the editors prior to publication.

Prospective authors should contact the editors prior to writing the article. Send an email outlining:
• A suggested title or topic for your article.
• A 100-word synopsis or outline of the article idea, indicating its significance for the lab design community.

The editors review all submissions within several weeks and may invite the author to prepare a full-length article. This invitation to write is not an agreement to publish. Articles are not accepted for publication until a final draft has been edited and approved by the editors. The style, length, format, and technical content of the final article is determined by the editors.

Laboratory Design does not accept previously published articles. Articles must be noncommercial.

Authors must obtain all necessary approvals and releases from their organization and affiliated partners prior to submission. If images or illustrations were published previously, the author must obtain written permission for re-publication prior to submission.

Provide a brief (35-50 words) biographical sketch for each author, describing their training and expertise in the subject area. Include the author's name, title, credentials (AIA, LEED, etc.) affiliation and location. Contact information: Always include a phone number and email address. Please provide a secondary contact name if the author will not be available during the editing process.

All published articles are copyrighted by Advantage Business Media and may only be used for other purposes with written approval of Advantage Business Media/Laboratory Design or

Please contact the editors for article inquiries: 
- MaryBeth DiDonna, Editor, Laboratory Design: 973-920-7045,
- Bea Riemschneider, Editorial Director, ABM Science Group: 973-920-7029,

Editorial Topics

Laboratory Design covers a broad range of topics related to industrial research. Subject areas include:

  • Lab Design
  • Lab Renovations
  • Codes and Standards
  • Lab Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Resiliency
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Lab Construction
  • Costs
  • Best Practices
  • BIM
  • HVAC
  • Water Conservation/Efficiency
  • Lighting
  • Project Management
  • Specialty Labs
  • Lab Planning
  • Lab Programming

Photos and Illustrations

All submitted photos and illustrations should be of high quality, with good contrast and sharpness. Electronic images are required and must be saved as separate files in TIF or EPS format, with 300 dpi or higher resolution and a minimum of four inches wide.

Bar charts, diagrams, sketches, etc., should be drawn accurately, but need not be suitable for reproduction as submitted. If a chart has supporting data, supply it in Excel format.

A caption should accompany each graphic and should accurately describe what is represented including company name and location, product, application, and researcher names. Please provide a credit (name, company) for each submitted graphic.

Important Policies & Procedures

Deadlines: Material is due two to three months before the projected date of publication, but the editors accept articles, press releases, photos and artwork on an ongoing basis.

Payment: Laboratory Design does not pay contributors for articles, nor does it charge authors to have articles published.

Preprints and reprints: Preprints are not made available to authors, but reprints can be ordered. Price quotations are available on request.

Online articles: Laboratory Design reserves the right to post all articles that appear in the magazine online for our related brand at

Copyright: All articles appearing in Laboratory Design are copyrighted by Advantage Business Media. You may be asked to sign a standard copyright transfer agreement, which is designed to protect you and Laboratory Design. You are encouraged to create a link from your website to the online version of your article, but you may not copy the article onto your site without our permission.